Moodle - KAMAR

The Moodle - KAMAR integration provides live integration between your schools KAMAR data, and the open-source Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Its implementation is closely based on the KAMAR Parent Portal but for student use only (there is no parent access provided by Moodle-KAMAR).

Information provided by the Moodle - KAMAR block includes:
  • Daily Notices
  • Timetable
  • Details
  • Timetable
  • Subject Results
  • NCEA Summary
  • All Results
  • Groups
  • Reports
  • Awards
  • Attendance
  • Pastoral
  • Fees
  • Careers
  • Interviews
  • Course Selection
All that is required is that your students Moodle username match the username stored in KAMAR

Moodle - KAMAR vs SMS-LMS Interoperability

Moodle - KAMAR is a serious alternative to the SMS-LMS Interoperability developed by the MoE and used with, KnowledgeNET, UltraNet and WatchDog hosted Moodle.
Key points of difference include:
  • Moodle Only
  • Developed in consultation with schools
  • Fully supported by KAMAR
  • Data is live. No overnight batch export and upload
  • Integrates directly with your Moodle theme
  • You can use the Moodle - KAMAR block on your internal Moodle site or when your site is hosted with us


all pricing GST exclusive

The Moodle - KAMAR Block is free to use and install yourself, however your school must be registered. Contact us for the latest version.

We can install and test Moodle - KAMAR on your site for a one of cost of $750.

Additional work, such as:
  • LDAP configuration
  • SSO configuration
  • Username matching
will be charged at $150/hour

All minor version (Moodle 1.9 or Moodle 2.X) upgrades are free of charge. If you paid for the installation, we will update the blocks for you, if you are a self-install we will send you and email when an update is available.

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