KAMAR Conference 2017

May 15, 2017 | By: Richard van Dijk

This week brings us to the KAMAR conference where we will be presenting ADMS. This service syncs user data and groups from KAMAR to Active Directory. With a number of fields configurable this session will allow us to demonstrate both the install and basic setup of the service as well as answer any questions people may have about the tool.

NEW Moodle Theme

Dec 2, 2016 | By: Richard van Dijk

With changes in user interfaces Moodle themes continue to be improved upon. With Moodle 3.2 will come Bootstrap 4 support and a new theme called Boost. In the meantime however the RemUI theme looks very sharp and has a very impressive workflow for teachers.

ADMS v2 Installation

Nov 28, 2016 | By: Richard van Dijk

After a lengthy development period ADMS v2.0 is now ready for download.

We are committed to this service being flexible to its users needs and to its ongoing development and look forward to working with our clients.

Release Date: 28 / 11 / 2016 Service Version: 2.0.0


  • New Complete code revision.
  • New Performance increase - from two hours down (v1) to six minutes for full sync (v2) on a test school of 1400.
  • New Improved install and upgrade process.
  • New Web based configuration interface.
  • New Logging overhauled to improve troubleshooting.
  • New Improved flexibility with password hash (md5/SHA)
  • New All traffic is now https
  • New Smooth transition between Network Users and ADMS
  • New Requires .NET framework 4.5.2
  • New Configurable leaving date threshold. Users can be marked as left on the day the leave or a configurable timeframe after
  • Fix Overall stability improvements

Please contact us on [email protected] for the download link. Once installed please send us your service GUID (which can be found in the config interface) so we can activate the license. This trial version is time limited until the 1st of February 2017.

Word import

Apr 21, 2016 | By: Richard van Dijk

Fast and easy is the way many of the new atto editor plugins work. Word Import allows you to drop in entire Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx) files, including tables, embedded images and Microsoft Equation Editor equations, cleanly. Also imports LibreOffice and Google Docs files saved to .docx format. Word Import. There are also a number of other great plugins for the editor Atto plugins including several for Chemical and Mathematical notations.

Moodle Course resources

Aug 18, 2015 | By: Richard van Dijk

Need some inspiration? Quite often when it comes to making courses in Moodle we just don’t know where to start. Thankfully there are a lot of educators out there who are happy to share the resources that they have made; Moodleshare is one example of a site which offers full course downloads. It is also good to go and have a look at what some other people are doing with their courses.

There is also a wealth of information available from the MoodleMoots (MoodleMoots are events that feature speakers, workshops, demonstrations and other presentations around Moodle) that occur around the world. The recent USA Moot has made available most of the resources here Examples range from how to gamify your course, to tips on making quiz questions quickly and easily.


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