Students as editors

Students as editors

Jul 6, 2015. | By: Richard van Dijk

In a change from the norm, Mount Mauganui College have given editing rights to their head students for the Moodle front page news. This has been a great success as not only is it updated more regularly but it offers a chance for student leaders to communicate with the school as a whole on a regular basis.

So far we have seen mufti days and talent shows posted about with photos attached to each. A great way to attract attention to what is going on around the school. All that is required to do this is to give a user editing rights to the front page news items. There are no admin rights required and while a discussion about what is appropriate is essential, the system is simple and relatively easy to set up checks on.

Have a look and if you want some help setting this up at your school let us know.



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