Moodle Course resources

Moodle Course resources

Aug 18, 2015. | By: Richard van Dijk

Need some inspiration? Quite often when it comes to making courses in Moodle we just don’t know where to start. Thankfully there are a lot of educators out there who are happy to share the resources that they have made; Moodleshare is one example of a site which offers full course downloads. It is also good to go and have a look at what some other people are doing with their courses.

There is also a wealth of information available from the MoodleMoots (MoodleMoots are events that feature speakers, workshops, demonstrations and other presentations around Moodle) that occur around the world. The recent USA Moot has made available most of the resources here Examples range from how to gamify your course, to tips on making quiz questions quickly and easily.



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